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Started over 40 years ago as a family business, Ashnah Construction Company was started by Jessie Turney. The company mission was to provide the ultimate in custom home and commercial building. He established the company as a premium custom building firm in Huntsville Alabama. Many families have had their own customized home built by Ashnah. Since its inception, Ashnah Construction has built many large projects including two subdivisions: Ashnah Estates and Pulley Estates both located in Toney Alabama. Ashnah has continued with other commercial buildings at First Missionary Baptist Church and Oakwood College. See our portfolio of projects.

Ashnah Construction has grown and become a well known premium builder in the North Alabama community. Jessie Turney and sons, Kenneth and Anthony Turney continue to do what they do best. Provide a quality job the first time!

"When quality matters, Consider Ashnah Construction for the job."

Please consider Ashnah Construction for your custom residential and commercial needs. Building a Better Tomorrow..... Today